We Need to Walk

Interactive installation for environment issue.

At present, one of the many issues within our society is global warming. The increase of temperature melts the glacier that increases the sea levels leading to much larger issues such as natural disasters. The El Nino effect, for example, causes floods whereas droughts are occurring in other countries. The Antarctic and the arctic’s creatures are becoming extinct. We can feel the climate change in our country closely to our daily lives. This will eventually change the plants, animals and fish and the whole biology system. However, the exact reasons are yet to be analyzed. Researchers are assuming the emission of Carbon is taking a large part of global warming. When observing our daily lives, we notice a large amount of unnecessary carbon being used. For example, driving a car and taking the elevator or the escalator even though unnecessary. I have carried out this project to encourage the public to reduce the use of carbon.
When a person or viewer walks up the steps, a tree is produced in order to give them a message of the reduction of the carbon healing nature.

Chanwook Min / 2011 / Interactive installation
Variable Dimension / Pressure sensor, Xbee, Projector, Electronic devices and components
DMC International(Seoul International Digital Media Contents Festival), Seoul, South Korea, 2011