Pacific Garbage Island

Information Game for environment issue. 

Pacific Garbage Island is a mobile phone game application based on the environmental pollution in Maldives renowned for its popular holiday location. The genre of the mobile game above is a ‘news game’ meaning the message can be told to the player most efficiently by replicating the fun theory behind a game application.
Malé city, the most populous city in Maldives deals with 75 million tourists and their wastes every year. The wastes are buried at a near location called the Thilafushi Island for about 20 years. In order to remind the public and to acknowledge the seriousness of the environmental pollution, the game is to simply transfer the garbage to the Thilafushi Island. However, the pace of the waste piling up on the island and the waste island becomes uncontrollably faster. Eventually leading the player to lose. A warning message of the positive and negative side of these beautiful locations and the connection between the nature and human beings and whether it will continue to develop is spoken within the game.

TeamVOID(Chanwook Min, Dongwhi Yoo) / 2013 / Information Game
Variable Dimension / Mobile, programing
‘Three Values for the Next Generation: Technology for Human, Wisdom for the Future, and Joyful Coexistence’ Nabi Hackathon, SK UX HCI Lab, Seoul, South Korea, 2013