Interactive installation about emotions of labor’s

With the increase of the service industry, the emotions of laborer’s are held in high repute. For example, flight attendants and hotel employees are a good example. Once we board the plane, we judge the company’s image through the flight attendant’s service (the attitude towards the customers which is emotionally controlled). However, the majority of people do not perceive that the emotional labors taken. The operation allows the viewer to view a woman who is needs to control her emotions. This work is aiming to create new perspectives towards emotional labor (providing services based on emotional control at a certain situation).
The following work tracks the viewer’s sight. As soon as they look at the screen, the woman providing the service will control their emotion to provide her service duties through emotional labor. However, as soon as the viewer looks away from the screen, the woman’s attitude can be shown reflecting her true emotions.

Chanwook Min, Dongwhi Yoo / 2011 / Interactive installation
Variable Dimension / Projector, webcam 
Gallery Zandari, Seoul, South Korea, 2011