Chanwook Min, born 1984 in Seoul, South Korea is a media artist, creative technologist, and designer based in Seoul(South Korea) and Duesseldorf(Germany). As a media artist, he explores the moment in our daily life, focusing on the moment that we didn’t recognize. He believes every moment has something in our daily life. So his goal is enlightening people about their moment in their daily life. Most of his works are interactive, kinetic, or light installations with digital media. As a creative technologist and designer, he specializes in designing interactive experiences and environments with a different kind of technology.

Chanwook participated in several group exhibitions and festivals in the USA and South Korea, MIT Media Lab, NYC Media Lab, NYU Tisch School, National Maritime Museum, SK UX lab, IEEE World haptics conference, Seoul International Media art Biennale, Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Seogyo Art center, Gallery Zandari, DMC International Digital Media Contents Festival, Medium Lab, Seoul Square. And He worked as a creative technologist at a digital agency in USA, Germany, and South Korea, Second Story(Sapient), Moey, Wunderman(WPP), Demodern and as a researcher at Yonsei University.