The Moment


The Moment is personal data visualization using people’s heart beat. The work’s concept is tracking every people’s moments using heartbeat. Heartbeat can express a lot of things but this time, I focus on the moment. For example, when people feel nervous or drink alcohol, the heart beat goes up. And when people sleep, it goes down. It is not accurate to explain what people’s doing exactly but this work can persuade people to imagine at that time, like a diary. So I draw heart beat on a 24-hour clock and people also can write down a memo.


I am interested in personal data and how to express it. This time, I want to make generative art using heart rate. Why I choose heartbeat, it can represent a lot of things such as physical health problem, emotions or certain moment. Many heart rate tracker such as Fitbit or Jawbone up provides number and bar or line graph. It is too informative and people don’t care about that. So how can I represent heart rate differently? I thought why people take a picture. people want to archive the moment. I thought heart rate can also represent the moment. so I want to make generative art with heart rate. It can be an art pieces to archive their moment.


Visual Design

Core concept: 24-hours Clock + Memo(barely hard to see)

It is like daily dairy. One page has the heartbeat in a day. Also, I used 24-hours Clock shape. This can help people think their moment at the certain time. The heartbeat graph color changed by heart beat rate.

Hardware Design

I made a prototype for this project using Heartbeat sensor and Arduino. After I will use Fitbit or Jawbone Up device.

Printing Code

Directing & Planning: Chanwook Min
Programming: Chanwook Min
Printing: Chanwook Min

Heartbeat Sensor, Arduino, Paper