The Curtain and The Brick

The curtain
We have observed natural behaviors within a cafe gallery called ‘The Medium’. For example, the wind blowing through the window, conversations with a friend, putting down a cup or a book on the table, unconsciously kicking the table or dragging a chair. These behaviors are linked as close aspects within this work. Thus it is a project based on the daily interactions.

The Brick
People can perceive many things in life through their eyes and we imagine many things that cannot happen in reality. This work is a research work based on the impossible virtual reality to be seen in reality.

Interactive Installation

Directing and Planning: teamVOID(Chanwook Min, Dongwhi Yoo, Jaehyuck Bae)
Visual Design: TeamVOID(Dongwhi Yoo)
Programming: teamVOID(Chanwook Min, Jaehyuck Bae)
Processing and Arduino with sensors and projectors

The Medium, Seoul, Korea, 2011