SitUpright is a tangible sensing and casual information visualization about the human sitting posture. In the modern society, a majority of people spend a large part of their time sitting in front of a computer looking at the screen at a work office. As this kind of time becomes longer, a proper posture of sitting would be important for their health. However, in many cases, people have their own personal habits of sitting, Those habits are only highlighted when one becomes ill, or diagnosed as a serious problem. The human posture information visualization system, SitUpright, is able to aid to keep good sitting postures. The system firstly analyses the sitting position of the user using the system and encourages him to have a better posture.

This work consists of two screens. The first screen is created from design perspective which includes practical aspects by encouraging the user to correct their posture. The second screen is created from media arts’ perspective which is completed with the user’s interactivity and their experiences.

Casual Information visualization

Directing & Planning: Chanwook Min
Fabrication: Chanwook Min
Visual Design: Chanwook Min
Physical Computing and programing: Chanwook Min

Processing with monitor and projector

‘Media Art, Practice of Time & Space’, Yonsei University Museum, Seoul, South Korea, 2013