Shoot Me

A shooting game usually uses a weapon at a long distance in order to remove the enemy. We use the weapon indifferently within the virtual reality of the game in order to slay the enemy. This arbitrary act has been sighted by the artist in reality, thus leads to create this game in order to criticize such actions.

Different from the original shooting game, the player and the enemy are the same character. To be more specific, the player is visualized through a webcam. The image shown through the webcam becomes the enemy thus the player has to shoot oneself. Points are gained when the player waits and doesn’t shoot oneself (the enemy within the game). Once the player shoots oneself, the game is over.

Game / Interactive Installation

Directing & Planning: Chanwook Min
Fabrication: Chanwook Min
Visual Design: Chanwook Min
Physical Computing and programing: Chanwook Min
Processing with projector, wiimote and webcam

Seogyo Art Space, Seoul, South Korea, 2012
Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Chuncheon, South Korea, 2012