Museum of Senses

Why people come to a museum?



When people come museum or galleries to see artwork. They want feel something. For example, if they see Edvard Munch’s work, probably, they can feel dizzy or etc to reflect their circumstance. Here is another question.

Where comes from feeling?


“5 senses”

This being so, The museum focus on 5 senses and explore people’s 5 senses.

What is the museum concept?


“Fill & Empty”

The core concept is “Fill & Empty”. When people see, hear, smell, touch and taste, they use 5 senses. The museum provide environment for seeing, hearing, tasting, smell, touching, seeing and hearing, tasting and touching or all of them. To be specific, there are 3 parts. First part is “Fill.” Each room has different combination of senses, such as first room has 1 senses, second room has 2 senses and so on. Next part is “Empty.” The museum extract 1 senses. Finally, there is nothing. This concept can give people different feeling using their sense.

Space Design

There are 11 rooms which have the different combination of senses. The viewer can start Description room and go through the room with the different combination of senses. It ends Nothing room. The viewer experience the exhibition with their senses.


Relaxation: Rainy day.

Why people need relaxation?


These days, many people live in competitive life. They get stress every day. So they want to do something to reduce their stress. For example, go to a movie, go to beach, drink or etc. But this is the way to relieve their stress. What feeling people really need? What is the reason people need relaxation?

Many people struggle with their work and live same routine. For example, student go to school and home and worker go to office and home. They want to escape their routine.



The exhibition wants to share artist’s experience of relaxation. When people see it, they can think about their own experience. The concept is “Filling good emotion and empty it.” This is why people want to escape their routine. The artist thinks that people need to escape relaxation to prepare to return to their routine.



Rainy day

In today’s fast-paced and complicated world, we expect to have some time to relax and take time for ourselves. We have longed for the “rest” in our daily life. However, it is not always easy to find time or space to take a rest. Moreover, maybe we might have forgotten how to spend our time to relax. For example, many people who work regularly are under pressure to complete the work on time, and thus, they hardly have time on their own. Even though they have a vacation for several weeks in a year for taking a rest, additional efforts are often required. This does not purely rest. I also lead busy lives with no time to relax. I am trying to achieve my goal and to earn a living. For this reason, I look forward to finding a place to relax for people in our daily life. On a rainy day, I usually do nothing. I just appreciate the sound of rain and rainy scene. By doing so, I can get out of a hard life and have my own time. Like this, the sound of rain and a rainy scene can be medium to relax stress.

User flow

1. Description room

2. Fill (1 sense)

3. Fill (2 senses)

4. Fill (3 senses)

5. Fill (4 senses)

6. Fill (5 senses)

7. Empty (4 senses)

8. Empty (3 senses)

9. Empty (2 senses)

10. Empty (1 sense)

11. Nothing


Museum design

Directing & Planning: Chanwook Min
Design: Chanwook Min

Adobe illustration