By deliberately changing the position of weights at the center of an object(s), the artist produces a form containing a continuous sense of tension. The relationship between the position of the weight as cause and the resulting visual form seem clear but at times the cause and effect also appear to be reversed. Such confusion in ambiguity and sense of tension are represented through various expressions.

Kinetic Installation

Directing and planning: Chanwook Min, Dongwhi Yoo, Seoki Yoon
Fabrication: Seoki Yoon
Physical Computing: Chanwook Min
Stainless steel and Arduino with sensor, motor and LED

7th Seoul International Media Art Biennale(Media city seoul 2012), Outdoor programs ‘On the Eve of Tomorrow: Industry and Media Art’ 2012 Da Vinci Idea, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON, Seoul, South Korea, 2012