Insomnia(Sleep-well) Lamp


These days, I am struggling with bad dreams so I usually turn on the light during sleeping. It can be more comfortable for me. However, turning on light is too bright to sleep and wasting electricity. This being so I thought that how can I make a good mood for sleeping.



The project is one of research about “Everyday object with technology”. Many people have problems with sleep. For example, in my case, I am scared darkness so I usually turn on the light when I sleep. This being so I made the lamp that can make a good mood sleep well.



When I developed my idea, I thought that “Intuitive” was most important thing for people to use. There are two functions. Timer and light dimming. What shape is most intuitive to express timer and light dimming. “Hourglass!!” I thought that the lamp operates like an hourglass. This being so, I decided the shape which is in the shape of an hourglass. I assume that people set up timer by 10min.(but you can set up whatever you want, such as 24min, 35min or ETC) People flip the lamp and timer start. The light turn off gradually for 10min. After 10min, it is completely turned off.
Technology what the project is used is so simple. I only used AC dimmer and timer board. Many people said, “why don’t you use Phillips HUE?” HUE can connect to a smartphone and you can control the light by smartphone. However, In my opinion, many electric devices, an especially smartphone doesn’t help people sleep well. This being so, I don’t want to use other electric devices, such as a smartphone, tablet PC, laptop or ETC. Also, the lamp can make the habit of going to bed for children. Many parents are struggling with when their children go to bed. The action of a flipping lamp can inform children when they should go to bed.



Interactive Light

Directing & Planning: Chanwook Min
Fabrication: Chanwook Min
Physical Computing: Chanwook Min
Programming: Chanwook Min

Wood(Maple), Brass, Arduino, Customized board