Five Kingdoms

Five Kingdoms is an interactive information visualization reconstructed with 1884 submarine topography information.Currently 1884 out of 3735 submarine topography registered, consists a proposer. The proposer suggests information that can become a clue to the political economy trend within the submarine topology. IHO-IOC, GEBCO-SCUFN was established in 1974. Since then 29 country’s seafloor names had been proposed due to the importance of standardizing the names of the seafloor. However 70% of those who suggested the seafloor names came from only 5 nation states. Those who historically dreamed of an empire; America, France, Russia, Japan and Germany is not coincidental to suggest these new perspectives towards the sea.

The work above uses a mouse (touch screen) to create each country’s seafloor names and locations. Touching the five kingdoms through the visual movements and compositions visually shows the perspective towards kingdoms, which is discussed in this work.

Interactive Information visualization

Directing & Planning: TeamVOID(Chanwook Min, Dongwhi Yoo)
Visual Design: TeamVOID(Dongwhi Yoo)
Programing: TeamVOID(Chanwook Min)
Processing with touch panal & LCD display

‘Oceans, Earn Names and Fame’ National Maritime Museum, Busan, South Korea, 2013