Words or body language are not the only means of communicating emotions. However, facial expressions play a large part in expressing emotions.
For example, the shape of the mouth may show that they are in a good mood when the tips of their lips go up and vice versa. Not only does our lips show emotions, but our eyes, nose and the movements of our entire face express feelings. This work uses the visual movements of one’s facial expressions into a new form of visualizations and sound works.

The viewer’s facial movements are analyzed through a camera and a note is played accordingly. The viewer can experience the change of their facial expressions to hear a sound to their emotions

Interactive Installation

Directing & Planning: Chanwook Min, Dongwhi Yoo
Fabrication: Chanwook Min
Visual Design: Chanwook Min
Physical Computing and Programing: Chanwook Min

Processing with projector and webcom

Gallery Zandari, Seoul, South Korea, 2011