Experiment #1 / Web & Mobile

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Travel Journey

This is an experiment how to link my data  and API. Let me introduce how it works, I wrote down where, when and what I was doing on my travel diary. The address translate geographic coordinates(latitude 37.423021 and longitude -122.083739) using Google Geo Data. The data send to Forecast.io. Forecast.io provide the weather at that time. Lastly, All the data(weather, location,  date, with whom, description of travel) save each card. All the card sorted by country name and date.

Javascript, CSS, HTML,
Forecast.io, Google Geo Data, Bootstrap Grid.
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There are list of country where I went. When you move your mouse cursor on the card, it appear the name of country and change background color.

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If click the card, the list of country all disappear and come up new cards about daily travel journey in the country that you click it. This new cards has the weather data when I went there, where(city), companion, travel date, travel description.