class#3_Interactive tech

    Pick a piece of interactive technology in public, used by multiple people. Write down your assumptions as to how it’s used, and describe the context in which it’s being used. Watch people use it, preferably without them knowing they’re being observed. Take notes on how they use it, what they do differently, what appear to be the difficulties, what appear to be the easiest parts. Record what takes the longest, what takes the least amount of time, and how long the whole transaction takes. Consider how the readings from Norman and Crawford reflect on what you see.

    What I pick a piece of interactive technology in public is interactive multi screen. It located in port authority at 42st. The interactive multi screen can apply variable application. When I saw it, it played advertisement for Porsche Macan. I explain about this commercial briefly. First, Just playing commercial when people are not coming. However when people are coming, The screen change intro part. Intro part consists 8 different style of commercial that we can choose what they want. What do they use the interactive technology? Detecting people and Touch sensor with 9 large LCD monitor. Why do they use this technology? They assume that It is helpful to attract people. However it doesn’t work at all when I observed. I think there are two main problems.


      First, the problem of location. It is a place to gather a lot of people but people can’t stand here because it located near entrance. Many people just pass it by. This being so, the commercial can’t draw attention from people.


   Second, the problem of how to use. It is hard to recognize how to use it even though they use simple interactive technology. When I saw a women,(this women is the first person and last person to pay attention when I observed.) she began to pay attention to commercial. However she was just staring at the screen without any move. I think she didn’t know about how to use. After few minute, she’s gone. By the way, There is sign which is the word,“touch” for interaction. However It is hard to recognize because It move  around.


   After I saw this interactive commercial, I thought my exhibition in Korea. My works are almost using interactive technology but many people feel that it is hard to participate in. This being so, they just stared at the work, not participated and were gone. As I mention before, making the commercial with interactive technology should consider many things from an audience’s viewpoint. A lot of contents with interactive technology failed because a maker thinks only their point of view. In conclusion, most important thing is balancing between audience’s viewpoint and maker’s viewpoint.

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