Final: Idea

This project starts from note-taking habit. Whenever I come up an idea, I write down an idea on a note, paper or using iPhone note app. But many times I forgot the note. So I want to make idea app. Also when I think about a project idea, I searched all my note. So this is so hard to see and to find what I am interested in. That’s why I start this project.

Developing this project, Many people asked me “what is your thesis?” or “Do you have any thought about thesis?” So I thought about what am I interested in? so I thought about my theme and looked through my idea-note. I came up an idea about function! If I can see the whole idea at one time, it is easy to find my theme. “How about what word I used mostly?” It should be helpful! And After I came up an idea. I usually search image reference through Pinterest.

So I decided functions of this project.
1. Stack idea
2. Analysis idea by word
3. Search visual reference.

During making this project, many people has the same process to pitch an idea. So I think this project can be people who want to make a project.

Also, I want to help people who want to find and develop their idea.

Next step is that now this project gives the only visual reference so I want to add web page reference and article reference using google search. These days I’ve taken Learning Machine class, the class introduce me word2vec algorithm. This is about suggesting the related word. for example, input words are “woman”, “man” and “king” and output word is “queen”. If I can use this algorithm, it can find more reference so it is so helpful to develop an idea. But I have no idea how to use.