Week 5: Progress

I changed my idea this week.

I planned to make light installation or lamp with budget data.

1. light installation

This is idea come from how can I express each and whole budget data at the same time because I want to compare each budget and express how much I spend the budget.

This is my sketch

There are two parts. The first part is to visualize separate budget using the brightness of a light. The second part is to burn money.

This idea comes from burning a paper with a magnifying glass. When I was a child, I learned about how to burn the paper using sunlight with a magnifying glass. I want to gather each light which express separate budget and the lights go to a magnifying glass. Whole lights source through magnifying glass point money. If it overbudget, money is burned. This light installation shows two things. Each bulb can show how much money I spend separately and burned money can show when you got overbudget.

This is my visual reference

I got a problem. I found that sunlight is so strong so I need very strong light.
I googled how much Watt I need to burn money. Theoretically, I need 12500W.

2. Lamp

These are the reference images.

I will make 5 things what I am care of. Each lamp links my separete budget data. The brightness of lamp can change by how much I spend. So I will make beer shape(alcohol & bar), Hamburger shape(fastfood), grocery shape(groceries), coffee cup shape(coffee), Cash shape(ATM).
For example, I set up my goal of alcohol spend, $300 per month. I spent $200 and then the brightness is low and after $300, It turn off.