Week 4: Development Project

Two weeks ago, We share about our 3 prototypes. I got very helpful feedbacks.

At the first, I thought about how can I compare what budget can be reduced or not so I sorted budget categories from “mint.com” They serve a bunch of budget categories. I sorted by 3 things, “Budget can be reduced”, “Budget can’t be reduced”, “ETC(It is not sure which category is fitted)”


Secondly, I want to compare these. Project’s function will be three things until now.
1. Compare categories
For example, I choose “food & dining”.There are Groceries, coffee shop, fast food, restaurant, alcohol and bar. So I want to compare among groceries, fast food and restaurant or coffee shop and alcohol or all things.
2. Compare before and after.
For example, comparing between last week and this week. This can be shown the budget trend to people and what their spending habit.
3. Compare my budget and friends budget.
This idea comes from which way is good to draw attention about their budget. I thought about making game. I am not decided yet how the game is going. If it works well, It is the powerful tool for saving money. To be specific, It can be shared people’s good or bad habit to spend or save their money.

I will focus on the red thing(Budget can be reduced). However, I am not sure what the way to visualize is good for comparing these.