Week 2: Class activity / Reading / Project Idea #2

1. class
In class, we drew and wrote our idea. First of all, I chose the project topics, financial data with unique visualization and the platform for video artists.

1) Financial data with unique visualization

2) The platform for video artists

These activity is really helpful for organizing project. I usually think about project but when I write down my project, I realize that it is totally different result between thinking and writing project.

2. Reading
In readings, there are two articles(Ryoji Ikeda, Whitman)

1) Ryoji Ikeda
Last year there were 3 exhibitions in New York City. I went to 2 exhibitions, Superposition and Test Pattern. When I saw Superposition which is concert, I was really surprised because visual and sound effect is so powerful. At the end of show, visual and sound are too power, It is hard to see and hear that. I can’t explain what it is but it is masterpiece. The work looks like random but it is so perfect. Most I like is that he is really good at composing visual element, sound, performance.
second, Test Pattern. When I saw this one, how can it be made., just black and white and changing width and height and blinking. The project at Time square was really good, I really like to see the artwork in public space because this work overpowered time square area. it was so powerful.
First of all, at Time square is the great place to show because the project aims to examine the relationship between critical points of device performance and the threshold of human perception. To be specific, people who was in time square, they used to see super bright billboard.

2) Whitman
When I read this article, I thought about art and science are not separated. Whitman has a lot of experience about body. And he came up the poem which is relation with mind and body. These days there are a lot of experiment about working with art and science. For example, Ryoji Ikeda also worked with CERN which is The European Organization for Nuclear Research in 2014-2015. The program organized by Ars Electronic in Austria. When I knew this, the Ryoji Ikeda’s work looks differently but I am still hard to understand his work.

3. Project Idea

After class, I though that I need to focus on one project. Two is too much to work so I decided to work finance data with unique visualization. These days, I’ve explored to study different way to visualize personalized data. I look though a lot of data visualization. Personalized data visualization, such as Fitbit or a lot of apps is not easy to recognize people their situation. Many people downloaded app about personalized data visualization and they didn’t care about app. In my case, Checking my budget is really important but it is scared and forget it so after I have not enough money, I try to save money but it is late…
This is why I think about that visualizing personalized data should be in our daily life. So I will link financial data to room lamp in people’s room. This is because, people use room light everyday. Also I found the app called mint.com which is providing people’s financial statues such as bank account, car insurance, investment or etc. I looked around the app. I found the function which people can set up monthly budget. This is good starting point to visualize financial data using light. But I need to more dig into how to get financial data from mint.com

If I can, I want to make series of personalized data visualization using everyday object.