Week 1 / Theme and Project Idea #1

1. Theme
These days, I really concerned about what topic I will take. This is not only for the class but also thesis and moreover for decision what is my specialty.
Before I came here I was interested in data visualization and habit.
This is my statement before I came here.

“During my entire life, I always wanted to find new or unique points in the common and habitual entities. Consistently I had looked and wanted to study further into our daily lives with its familiarity and habitual routine. In order to express this, interactivity had to be emphasized for the viewer to experience and connect with the artwork. After that, I have tried to find out the method how to effectively deliver underrepresented phenomenon to people. Also, I always make an effort to find ways of interacting with people, rather than bringing simple reactions, in regards to expressing of my thoughts.”

I will keep writing my statement because this is great practice for organizing my thought. I still want to keep data visualization and habit. And I want to study how to visualize the data. Especially I will link data to physical everyday object.

2. Project Idea

I was trying not to think how to make first. My background is Electrical Engineering. So when I thought how to make the project first, it is hard to explore my theme fully because I am stuck in only how to make. I have several ideas which are Tracking sleeping posture, tracking noise in daily life, financial data visualization with room light and making platform for visual artist.

1) Tracking sleeping posture.
I’m interest in tracking people’s posture. This idea come from my project called SitUpright(http://chanwookmin.com/works/situpright/) which is tracking people’s sitting posture when they are using computer. I am curious about my sleeping habit. I am not a good sleeper. Usually I can’t sleep well or deeply. Also several times I dreamed nightmare. This is being so, last semester I made night light. This is called sleep-well lamp(https://vimeo.com/135416581). It help people who can’t sleep well. After that, I’m curious about my sleeping habit, such as sleeping posture, snoring or sleeping talk during my sleep.