Week 1: Review apps(Poncho, Mint.com)

1. Use an app that tries to personalize data

I tried to use 2 apps which are poncho, mint.com.

First, “Poncho”. I signed up and check some my details. However it is little bit hard to understand what app is because there are no example about features such as how can I get information about weather and travel and what kind of form they have. And after signed up, I have no idea to use this app. Some good point is that the app give us good interface to sign up even though we don’t know what app is. Also, I like graphic design.

Secondly, “Mint.com”
It was so great apps. I always want to show all my spending pattern and there is! Also they has service which I can set up my monthly goal for budget. I’m international student now and I’ve live here for 1 year so I have only bank account. If I get a job after graduation, I like this app more. There are bunch of options to set up accounts such as investment and property. What I like best is that they serve a lot of service about finance in other words, they has very smart way to advertise other company’s service such as credit card, loan or insurance.
I have question about this app. I have project’s idea which I want to visualize finance data using “philips hue light bulb”. In other word, I want to link between finance data and light in the house. Can I get information which are budget, goal or etc in Mint app?

I started to use few days ago so I didn’t get much what apps is going on. However, I think that these kinds of two apps will use more people.

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