class#2_Good & Bad Signs

I traveled around NYC to find good and bad signs. At the first time, it is hard to find bad or good signs. I don’t really consider signs. For example, sign for traffic is not necessary to find out where I want to go because I usually use google map or application for navigation. After I went around NYC, I realize that there are a lot of sign to provide wrong  or mysterious information.

In this post, I’m going to introduce good and bad signs in NYC.

1. Good sign.

ex_good  ex_good_1 ex_good_2

This is button for cross sign. Many traffic signs in NYC are complicated but this is very simple and intuitive. This button is located in W 23st rd / 5th ave. You can see the two buttons which has directions.

2. Bad signs

#1  Store


This store located near Empire State building. Look at the signs! Do you know what store is? They have a lot of service, such as repairs, unlocks, prepaid, accessories, cellphone, delivery and Tattoo……. I feel that I don’t want to go there if I need cellphone or repairing cellphone or tattoo.

#2  Parking sign


This is similar example when we saw in class. There are too much information. Suddenly, I understood the sign’s meaning, “DO NOT PARK HERE.”

#3  Parking lot


I confuse where is the entrance. Look at the signs, “enter” and “exit”. They have same font, color, location and direction of arrow. and the word start to ‘e’. Many driver get confused.

#3_1 Parking lot changed


After sign changed, It is much intuitive sign.

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