Final: ShaRing



Why I decide this project is rethinking about intimacy between people.
The concept is intimacy between people. In my opinion, intimacy is share something. Also I think about what is intuitive way to express intimacy. Holding hand is the one way. When people meet someone, usually shaking hands. What factor can feel more intimacy between people? Heartbeat! It is fundamental and essential factor.

In the class, I made vibration glove. The sharing is developed from vibration glove. Why I choose the ring shape is that this concept should be wearing everyday. In other words, glove cannot wear everyday.





I think about two rings because I need the space for Arduino and pulse sensor vibration motor. This is the design for my project. I want to make like this one. Key challenge is that how can I fit into whole components.


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.08.39 PM

This is my design file. There are Arduino(trinket), battery charger, battery, vibration motor, pulse sensor and LED here and also blinking with heartbeat.

5. shaRing

There are two way to feel people’s heartbeat. one is vibration and the other is LED. Two things are also react with heartbeat.

– mistaking to calculate component size
– Hard to make 3D shape
– Painting problem(black)
– Battery Problem
– Pulse sensor problem

I did ring design with 3d program. but when I cut it using milling machine, it is not fit in. Also I designed half of the ring. my plan is that making two half of the ring and assembled it. but I printed out same side of the ring. and there is no slot for using milling machine so I decided fixed ring by hand. cutting it and sanding it a lot.
Also my plan is I copy the design which I mentioned before. but It is really hard to make it. Lastly, I thought that the ring with black color can look more smaller because ring is so big. I thought that black is always good but after paint it, black is not always good. and I realize that “it is not beautiful..” First plan is want to use battery so put it and test it but board is not working with battery. However, using usb power, it works. Pulse sensor is not stable. someone tried to track heartbeat using the sensor but it was not working well. Also, the sensor doesn’t attach to finger well. it doesn’t work.

I redesign sharing for fitting well and looking beautiful. I hacked pulse sensor and I customized the board to fit in my finger. Also I will find out other shape of things to express people’s heartbeat.

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