Class#8 Final Idea(Heartbeat glove)

1. Concept
The concept come from the baby’s condition when they go to sleep. Many parents struggle with their baby when they persuade them to sleep because they doesn’t feel comfortable or stable. Many parents in South Korea use this technic which is patting their baby on the back with slow beat which is similar to their mother’s heart beat. By doing so, the baby feel more comfortable or stable than before and fell a sleep. I am not sure whether this concept will work with adult or not. I want to make vibration glove for relaxing their situation.

2. Composition
– Vibration motor, Arduino, Pulse sensor, glove, lithium battery(coin size)


3. process


First, the glove collect data which is when people feel comfortable, nervous, exciting or etc and other device analyze this data. Second, the glove give people certain beat of vibration when they face certain situation that people cannot control their feeling. For example, when a person is waiting job interview(he is very nervous), the vibration glove give him vibration with certain beat when people feel comfortable.

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