Class#7 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience

This week I went to New Museum. The exhibition calls “2015 triennial: surround audience.” “Surround Audience” explores the effects of an increasingly connected world both on our sense of self and identity as well as on art’s form and larger social role. Actually, It is little bit hard to understand the meaning for me but I impressed some artwork.

First, the artwork contain painting and sculpture. Also there are artwork and viewer in the artwork. Namely, real viewer can see two artwork.(painting and sculpture which is shaped viewer) It is really good to express relationship between people and phenomenon in our life. For example, people can see situation and other can see the situation and people who see the situation.

This picture remind me social network. Our identity is built by other expression about them. These days, social network can make people identity. To be specific, people use social network with picture.

When I saw this picture, I was really touched. When woman kissed man’s body, the pattern which is owned by woman move to man’s body. I can see intimacy.

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