Class#6 Map and Quantify

This week I think about myself. What thing is lead to make well-being these days. I found, most of things related to mouth, eating, smoking and drinking. This project I made handkerchief to map mental and physical wellbeing. Moreover, I want to compare same contents between mental and physical wellbeing. (Actually, This week homework is little bit confused me, so I more focus on mapping wellbeing than quantifying self)

This project presented by icon, Black color is good for me, red is not good for me.
1. Mental

– Smoking(good for mental health)

– Drinking(good for mental health)
– Eating(all good for mental health, I love eating!!)

– Working out(good for mental health, I love riding a bicycle. It will comes season to ride bicycle! When I come back home at midnight by bicycle, It is the best way to relieve stress.)

2. Physical

– Smoking(nothing to good for physical health)

– Drinking(Some people said that 1-2 glassed wine is good for health. However, I always decided drinking 1-2 beer, After drinking party, I check my receipt, I drunk 4-5 beer…. I think drinking is bad for physical health)

– Eating(Sometimes I ate fast food and street food because I have no time to eat well made food. So eating is good and bad for physical health)

– Working out(good for physical health)

After mapping, I think physical health can be tracked but mental health is hard to track. I cannot decide what sensor is good for gathering mental data.

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