Class#3 CNC IDEA: Sand clock light / Magnet table

1. Sand clock light

This idea come from my sleeping habit. Sometimes I usually turn on light during sleeping. It can be more comfortable for me. So I think about sand clock! The function of the clock is timer and control brightness. Above all things, if I make well, look cool!

– Idea sketch

– Reference
15 Minutes Lamp Sands Of Timed Light
The Lighted Countdown: LED-Equipped Hourglass Lantern

– Material
– lampshade(shape of sand clock) : wood or ?
– light bulb
– Arduino
– tilt sensor
– switch

– problem
I’m not sure this project is really fit on CNC machine.

2. Magnet table

This idea come from Floyd leg(Kick starter). That leg can make table with any kind of table top. I want to make like this one and add adjustable leg. This is because I use magnet.

– Idea sketch

– Reference

– Material
– table top: wood(thick)
– leg: wood(round, rect)
– joint: magnet

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