Class#3 Reflection on ‘Losing our touch / Technology: Theorizing Human-Technology Interaction’

When I read two articles, I am really worried about our life. Human-Technology interaction will develop to make a new creature, like human. As the movie in the article mentioned, machine can govern human. Let talk about development of technology. Former technology help people for life. To be specific, the internet. I think the internet made another human society. Many people use the internet for searching something, chatting, talking, share their abilities, etc. In other words, we cannot think about our life without the Internet. The function of the internet is good for us but I think the internet is governed us. As like this situation, wearable technology is same problem. This technology can improve our life. For example, activity tracker, such as Nike Fuelband, Jawbone up announce health data to us and then we can check our health and maintain our body. However, someone hack the device and technology and give person who use activity tracker data about bad health signal even though he/she is healthy. Like this, technology invade from society to human gradually. This being so, we should think about the pros and cons of technology when we develop technology in any fields.

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