class#1_Analyze Poster

This is a movie, “Clockwork Orange” made by “Stanley Kubrick’s”. It is a really good movie but It is too hard to understand for me. The movie tell about violent human behavior. This poster has good expression about violent character. Now I explore this poster. step by step.

1. Grid.
There is simple grid include description of movie, illustration, title, Etc. Interesting part is illustration. It show violence of character. Also triangle shape is sharp, It feel dangerous and nervous. I feel dangerous when I saw the character with knife. And most interesting thing is second triangle with silver robot girl. She is in triangle but it is not actually triangle. There is empty space which is formed triangle between her legs. It feel so creepy. And center of poster is her center of face.


grid_3 grid_2 grid_4


2. Positive and negative space.

In my opinion, enough Illustration part is enough for positive space. There are other part which is title, description of movie. But the illustration is strong to explain about movie mood. people can image

positive negative

3. Type.

There are two typefaces. First is “Venus URW Bold”. It feel classical, calm, quite. But content of text is violent. Second one is unknown typeface. I can’t find out the typeface. It might be made by designer.


Print            Print

4. Color.

The poster has simple color palette. I think it uses orange, similar white, gray mixed with sky blue and black. It tell about movie’s mood. Cold, strange, weird.


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