class#1_”As We May Think”

I cannot believe the article was written in 1945. It is so impressive article. I heard about what is the hypertext but I did know how it come from. There are two things to think about how to develop technology. First of all, It is important to learn about history because there are many method to develop technology. when I work for my art project. I usually tend to ignore history because I think it is old-fashioned idea and I try to find out new things. However, It is hard to come up with great result. Secondly, there are many things to combine with several technology and change purpose. We always want to improve our live so we develop technology with specific purpose. However it is not easy to achieve our goal precisely. Like as the article, there are many chance to develop technology differently.

I am interesting about data or information visualization. In the past, people concerned about how to gather data and how to classify data. However, nowadays people concern about how to improve data to knowledge(data -> information -> knowledge) using visualization. It is really good time to link between my interest and the articles.

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