Class#2 Reflection on ‘WE ARE A CAMERA’

In the past, people usually took pictures to remember the day or the moment that they traveled different country or was a special moment or day, such as birthday, wedding day or etc. Moreover, When there is no internet, the only way to share their picture is meet each other and show them pictures.

However, These days, most people use internet to show their life or see others life through social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and etc. At the same time, many portable device was came up. For example, cellphone with camera, GOPRO, etc. This is why the camera can be ourselves. I was really surprised GOPRO mentioned from the article. This is why, I thought It cannot be succeed because It was just small camera. However, nowadays, I changed mind about GOPRO. It can be a part of life. This is because, GOPRO can hang on people’s body so it takes picture or video at anytime and anywhere and this clip can be shown people through social network. These days, it is within bounds to say that people live in virtual life through social network.

I think the development of portable device and Internet is really good for saving our life. I don’t have good memory. When I want to remember sometime or someday, I check my social network. However, there are also bad things. To remember the moment, people take a picture or video. However some people cannot fully feel about the moment because they focus on taking a picture or video. When I traveled EU before came ITP, I saw many people who just focus on taking a picture with famous thing or in famous place. I think this situation is the worst because they just want to boast about where they were in or what they were with. Another thing is that Google street view or many people’s post on Facebook or Instagram can use for crime or something bad. This problem is not only picture or video but also everything that changed data.

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