Class#1 Project

I want to express about somewhere noise. Many people cannot realize about noise in their environment. For example, when people wait bus or subway in the city, there are a lot of noise, such as vehicle horn sound. Why people cannot recognize the noise is that they are used to listen noise. So I will change the expression of data, Sound to Visual. In addition, if people are used to visual, I will change expression, visual to sound or other senses.

1. Project title: Noise Mirror.

I will express noise data through mirror. The function of mirror is people can see their face. Noise mirror add noise data with mirror.

2. Process

1) Collect data(somewhere in New York City)
– I will record it. Later I will install device for collecting noise data.
2) Analysis data
– Collected data will be analyzed. It is based on frequency and volume.
3) Visualize noise data
– I’m not decide yet how to express high or low frequency and high or low volume.

3. Design Tool
– C++(openframeworks, cinder), raspberry pi.

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