Class#1 Photo-journal

what: checked shirts / blue jean / goose down jacket
why: I always wear gray or black jean but I want to change my style so I wear blue jean. These days, weather is cold so I always wear goose down jacket

Day 2
what: stripe long sleeve t-shirt / black jean / coat / scarf
why: These days I usually wear goose down jacket so I want to change style. I choose coat and do not wear shirts.

Day 3.
what: PJ
why: I will stay home for whole day

Day 4.
what:  shirts /gray jean / hoody / goose down jacket
why: In winter season, I usually wear gray or black jean so I chose gray jean. Today It will be snow or rain so I chose hoody.

Day 5.
what: gray jean / sweater / goose down jacket
why: I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable when I wear shirts usually so I wear only sweater without shirts

Day 6.
what: gray jean / sweat long sleeve shirts / goose down jacket
why: Today I will do fabrication so I choose sweat long sleeve shirts because comfortable.

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