Class#1 Reflection on ‘Fashion’

After I read this article, I thought that relation between upper and lower class. This article said that lower class fashion came from upper class fashion. Nowadays, there is same aspect but there are more aspects. As like this article’s aspect, upper class lead fashion. For example, many casual brands, such as H&M, Zara, Topshop, Uniqlo, etc copy clothes style from high fashion brand.

However, there is different aspect. Heat-tech from Uniqlo. Most people wear Heat-tech in winter. I think Heat-tech made new fashion. Actually, Heat-tech is already existed. It was just inner wear. However, Heat-tech broke young generation’s mind which inner wear usually wear old generation. It has good style for most people, especially color. Heat-tech became pronoun.

Nowadays, fashion does not only came from upper class but also came from lower class. Moreover, It is not necessary to divide classes. This mean is that upper class fashion is existed but the boundary of fashion between upper and lower class have become unclear.

This article was hard to read for me, especially first sociology part but It is helpful to think about fashion.

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