1. Story board


There are two parts. Firstly, visual part which compose droplets. Secondly, kiosk which people can record their voice.(a drop of water sound) This project’s subject is “Makes a great movement gathered a small voice”. People record a drop of water sound using their voice and recored sound send to device. Sent sound match single droplet so turning on LED and they can hear their recored sound. This action is repeated until number of droplet, people can see a drop of water though big drop composed a lot of droplets and each voice play at same time.

2. Project plan

1) Make a droplet(silicone)


I use mold and cast method. I make 3~5 molds and cast droplet.(If I use dragon skin silicone, making a single droplet spend time about 60min) The droplet height is about 4inch and circumference is about 8inch. Total number of droplet are 81 or 100 ea.

2) Make a hardware


I make frames which support shape of big drop and wiring LED lines. I make a kiosk which is voice recording part and play sound.

3) Programming

I use LED Matrix control and record and play voice. I use Arduino and Processing.

3. Timeline


4. System Diagram


5. BOM(Bill of Materials)

– Arduino(1ea): $24.95 (
– Mic(1ea): $7.95 (
– Molding and casting, frame(Silicone 2 gal, Armature wire ? inch : about $200 (                                                                                                      – Super bright white LED(100ea): $28 (                                            – Speaker(1 ea): ?

=> Total: $250

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