1.  Droplet++;


“Makes a great movement gathered a small voice.” I want to express this point. Firstly, I make a lot of small droplet with LED(I didn’t decide what material is yet), gather it and then it looks like big drop. Secondly, I record people’s voice and I merge a drop of water sound and people’s voice. Thirdly, I express a drop of water falling at the moment using LED.

Molding and Casting(Dragon-skin?, Maybe another(I will find more)), LED, MIC, Arduino, computer?

2. Noise Mirror(Noise visualization)


New York City is most crowded city in the world. I am from seoul in South Korea. Seoul is also most crowded city in South Korea. I live in city entire life. when I was in suburb, I felt comfortable and peaceful. However I live well in the city without complaint about noise. I realize that I didn’t recognize noise well in our daily life. So I want to inform people of noise in our daily life. I think about what is the best way to notice noise. In this case, I think visual is more powerful way to recognize it than sound. I decide to express noise(voice, several kinds of sound) by visual image. I analyze frequency and level of noise. Different frequency and level of noise are mapped by different visual effect, such as pixelate and blur. For example, higher frequency have more blur effect and lower frequency have more pixelate.

Mirror frame, Monitor, Webcam, Mic, Arduino

3. Tracking Your Standing Position.

Everyday, we spend a lot of time standing, such as walking, running or just standing. However standing posture is not always good. I want to visualize this posture. This idea come from my project, “situpright”. This project is that tracking people’s sitting posture and visualizing their posture. For example, when people use computer, mouse cursor is changed. Mouse cursor’s shape can express direction. This being so, if changing angle of mouse cursor, people can recognize their direction of their posture and if changing size of mouse cursor, people can recognize how long does people continue their wrong posture. I want to develop my project to standing posture. Unfortunately, I researched about tracking standing posture. I found some company developing standing posture using shoes.

Here is company:                                !/speed_cell

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