1. Logo

Let me introduce bicycle company from Italy. It named “Campagnolo”. It is the best company to make bicycle parts. They made Quick Release System which separate the wheel from the bicycle for the first time. Nowadays, they still make bicycle parts such as wheel, group sets.



I like this logo among these logos.


This is because when you see this logo, you can imagine what company is. To be specific, you can see Wheel and Wheel parts. This symbol can explain about what they make. What I like most part is that wings. The Wings can explain about light weight. The weight of bicycle part is really important because if the bicycle parts is light, people who riding a bicycle can show more people’s ability, such as going fast. Other thing is that wing can express freedom. If people use their product, they can go anywhere. In my case, I can imagine the moment that riding bicycle freely.

2. ITP logo

This is my idea sketch. Firstly, I think about ITP(Interactive Telecommunication Program). ITP try to converse different fields, such as design, art, technology and etc. So ITP students has different background and we try to make something new. so I want to express this environment. For the first time, I chose primitive shapes, rectangle, triangle and circle. How can I converse this shape to express ITP. Using three shapes is too complicated. This being so I chose rectangle shape. I thought pixel. Pixel is element of digital picture and also element of things using digital technology. Therefore, we always use digital thing, such as computer, monitor, LED, sensor and etc. This is because I chose pixel shape. To express ITP, I change stroke weight.



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