1. Initial Idea

We, Sehwan and I, are going to make a game with some physical computing methods by using sensors which can detect the user’s motion.  Actually, we are about to re-make a game which was a big booming at a time, ‘Flappy Bird’.  Here are some snapshots of an original game version.

02-300x533 03-300x532

Game is really easy to control.  The only thing you can do is just ‘tap’ the screen to fly bird and the purpose of the game is to go further by trying to dodge the between pipes.  Our goal is to make a ‘physical interaction’ to control the bird rather a tapping a screen.  As we searched, we found a sensors which can detect the directions and movement of user’s action.  Before we buy this stuff, firstly I would like to ask you about this sensors and advice or any comment on this so far.

2. Process of Work

We, Sehwan and I, finally made a ‘Flappy Thom’ game with using physical input interaction.  In the beginning of the project, we were concerning about an ‘accelerometer sensor’ as an input device, however, we found that we were able to make what we thought about with a ’tilt sensor’.

These pictures below are about testing mode.  We tested a lot of time to make it well balanced both in setting difficulty and finishing the output quality.


This is screen frame.


Once we decided the basic code and screen frame, we designed in detail both in code and visual components.  These are the building image collections which appear on game screen.



3. Documentation

Demo_02-620x307 Demo_03-620x490 Demo_05-620x473


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