Final_Personal Information Pixel

Personal Information Pixel.

This is my final project for Network Media. Nowadays, many people think important of privacy but people does not care about their online information. So I want to criticize about invasion of personal data. This work derive from “Million Dollar Homepage“. This homepage sell their pixel per dollar. To be specific, They have million pixel on their homepage. If people buy their pixel, they can make symbol or picture to change color of pixel and link their homepage. Now million pixel are sold out. After I saw this work, I think about social issue that some people sell personal information illegally. In other words, personal information replace money. This being so, I create my work, “Personal Information Pixel”. Let me explain about my work. people can get their own pixel in my homepage. However they must put in their personal information, such as name, Email and phone number.

After finish network media final project, I really want to learn more about server side programming. This version is not using server side but I try to make the project using server. I have a lot of problems. I can’t understand how to get specific server data. I made server and I succeeded saving data to server. However I can’t use that data. I can write down to html. So this project did not use server. I try to solve my problem later. I hope I will be completed soon!

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